Why Free Walking Tours By Locals?

Support family-owned local businesses

Small local family-owned businessesWe all know that the arrival of multinationals can push the small man out of business and the walking tour industry is no different. This is why a few of us, local companies with a like-minded vision, got together to be sure that you can still hear about us. This website is our meeting point where we can introduce ourselves and tell you what we do. We strongly believe that keeping it small and local is the only way to achieve great quality.

Enjoy a more personal service

More personal serviceWe started our companies because we love guiding and this hasn’t changed over the years. So,  as well as our small team of guides, you will also personally meet us leading your tours. Our hands-on experience of what customers are looking for has helped us create a comradeship and understanding with our guides that can only make the service better each time.

Get knowledge that only a local can share

Knowledge from a localBecause we, as guides, live and breathe our city’s everyday life, a great inside knowledge is something that already comes in the package. With professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun guides, the tours on offer have been highly recommended through guidebooks, internet sites and mouth to mouth (our favourite one!) and you are more than welcome to read our past customers reviews.

Help promote responsible tourism

Public transportIf you have had enough of manufactured tourism and you enjoy discovering and learning about the places you visit from a more local point of view, maybe we are what you are looking for. Each of the companies in the network is individually listed only in their own cities so their incomes generate within their communities. A big plus: walking and taking public transport when necessary is also a great way to protect the environment.

Get honest recommendations for your trip

Honest recommendationsOur tours are not about selling other products, it is about offering a great product in itself. Hard selling is just not our style. We recommend what we like so you are treated fairly and we feel good about it. Maybe you will come back to us some day 🙂