San Sebastian at War tour

San Sebastian at War - walking tourSan Sebastian’s history is infested with internal and international conflicts, from local discord between high-ranking families to overseas wars against other kingdoms and nations. What made the Basque people one of the most appreciated sailors, pirates and sea fighters? Discover how Basque captains where in command of the Spanish Armada (once the most powerful  in the world) and how they fought the Dutch, English and French amongst others.

But don’t get too relaxed, soon you and the English Army will be assaulting San Sebastian, a city occupied by Napoleon’s troops. Reenact the siege and fight your way up to the fortress on Urgull mountain. We will also delve into the Carlist Wars of the 19th century, the War of Spanish Succession and, yet again, put San Sebastian under siege.

Finally, relive the retaliation of the workers against the coup of General Franco in 1936 and the resistance and the fall of the city into fascist hands during the Spanish Civil War.

Places we visit:

  • Oquendo Square
  • Diputación Palace
  • Old Town
  • Urgull mountain
  • English cemetery
  • Urgull fortifications and fortress

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 50€/person

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