Communism & Bunker Tour

Prague Communism & Bunker Walking TourYou will see the ‘real Prague’ behind the glitz and glamour on this walking tour. We walk through the streets of the New Town and walk up Wenceslas Square, which witnessed the major historical moments over the last century, including the Soviet occupation in 1968 or the Velvet Revolution in November 1989.

We take a break for beer, kofola or a snack in an authentic working-class canteen. Visiting a nuclear bunker from the 50s will round off your communist adventure in Prague. You will also see historical photos of the events, people, buildings and statues, many of them now destroyed.

Topics we cover in this special walking tour:

  • Pre-WW1 period
  • Foundation of Czechoslovakia in 1918
  • Nazi Occupation
  • Liberation by the Red Army in 1945
  • Communist putsch in 1948
  • 50s – Era of fear
  • 60s – Era of hope
  • Story of Alexander Dubček
  • Prague Spring in 1968
  • Jan Palach’s death
  • 70s – Era of Normalisation
  • Václav Havel
  • Late 80s – Perestroika
  • Velvet Revolution in 1989
  • Post-communist period so-called as wild capitalism
  • Situation of the Czech Republic today

Tour departs every Monday and Saturday.

Departure time: 11 AM

Duration: 3,5 Hours

Price: 700 CZK / 28 EUR

We like dialogue, so the group size is limited up to 15 people (reservation is recommended).

Find more information and make reservations on our website: Communism & Bunker Tour.