Monuments Tours

Monuments Tour SevillaWe want to share with you our pride, arising from having places inscribed in the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

In the Reales Alcázares Tour we will discuss with you the history of this amazing palace, home of Christian kings and Islamic governors, taking advantage of a gorgeous and exotic background. It is a pleasure for your senses: colourful ceramic, wooden ceilings, plasterwork with impossible shapes, or the water sound from its green and aromatic garden.

And we also immerse inside the Cathedral of Seville. Its overwhelming size hosts different chapels, full of sacred art, curiosities and tombs where lie many celebrities, the most known Christopher Columbus. We will set you up in its historical perspective, from its religious importance nowadays to its past as a mosque, to which it belongs the symbol of Seville, the Giralda tower.

Duration: 1.5 hours each tour

Price: €12 & €10 per person (entrance fees to the monument not included)

Find more information and make reservations on our website: Royal Alcazar Tour Sevilla. & Sevilla Cathedral Tour