A city of contrast – Barcelona pre-Spanish Civil War (1835-1936)

A walking tour around El Raval neighbourhood discovering the life of Barcelona before the Spanish Civil War. A fascinating period in the history of the city that put together the wonderful Modernisme buildings of the bourgeois with the slums of the workers.

“A must walking tour to explain Barcelona’s past and present”, “Not to be missed by anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of the city”.

This is what we talk about during the tour:

  • Utopic urban planning (“Eixample”) & harsh reality
  • Industrialisation & beginning of unease
  • Conditions of working class Barcelona
  • Bombing of Liceu Theatre & birth of ‘anarchism’
  • The new bourgeois & rebirth of Catalan culture and identity
  • Changes in El Raval (Barrio Xino / Chinatown)
  • Beginning of organised worker’s movements
  • Burning of convents and monasteries (1909 Tragic Week of Barcelona)
  • General strikes and worker’s conditions (anarcho-syndicalism)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: €18 per person

Find more information and make reservations on our website: A City of Contrast – Barcelona pre-Spanish Civil War (1835-1936).

Photograph: © Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic. Arxiu Mas